Hermitage 050

Hermitage 'at the Russian Court'

‘At the Russian Court’ the openings exhibition

Merkx + Girod architects designed and co-curated the large openings exhibition ‘At the Russian Court’ for which both Main Halls and all museum cabinets are used to show the more than 2000 objects from the Hermitage St. Petersburg museum. The nature of these objects, their value and volume, the large variety in size and different media requested a smart and functional vitrine system which was designed in such manner that it can also be used for future exhibitions.

The two main focal points of the exhibition, the Russian Emperal Protocal and the Russian Emperal Ball, have been placed in the two main Halls. The formal aspects of the first and the more festive aspects of the second, have been made visible in the exhibition through the use of different materials, colour and spatial organisation. A unique experience is offered to the public, a true feast for the mind and eye!